Kessel Cherney

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Kessel Cherney

Digital & PR Coordinator

Kessel is a storyteller unbound by medium or genre. His work with diverse clients at The Silverman Group aligns with his passion for art and entertainment.

Prior to joining TSG, Kessel attended Columbia College Chicago with the intention of establishing a career in the film industry. He interned at the Cannes Film Festival and honed his craft as a visual storyteller, creating promotional content for Campus Moviefest before ultimately shifting his career to public relations. Since then, Kessel interned at The Tie Bar and took part in a fellowship program with Hawthorne Strategy Group, where he managed the social media channels for Chicago Dental Society during their 2018 Mid-Winter Meeting trade show.

Since graduating from Columbia with a major in cinematic arts and a minor in public relations, Kessel has continually challenged himself to creatively and effectively communicate with audiences regardless of medium or genre.