Category: Case Studies

Launching New Concepts

From Ground Breaking to Grand Opening…from Opening Night to One-Night-Only Whether it’s a $114 million new art center or a seven-member production on a neighborhood stage, nothing provides greater opportunities for publicity than the introduction of a client to the media – and the public – for the first time.  Oftentimes, the projects are permanent, […]

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Introducing Niche Forms

Often, successful public relations isn’t about introducing a new concept, but instead introducing an existing concept, already familiar to a limited few, to a broader audience. It may be a culturally-specific art form or an institution in a relatively isolated location not often traveled by the masses. The challenge – and opportunity – is allowing […]

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Tackling Taboos

As a public relations firm specializing in the arts, we have the awesome opportunity to promote some of the most creative talents working today, from visual to performance artists, from musicians to moviemakers. As expected, frequently artists will “push the envelope” with their output so as to get a message across or to get attention […]

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